thief steals a camera from a persons backpack

The Silent Thief

Today I am writing about something different, not about the usual theme of the blog, anyway I hope you enjoy reading, and if you havent already, please follow the blog.

This is what glaucoma does to many people. And there is no cure.

I have glaucoma, and it shows no symptoms, there is no warning, and it can slowly steal your sight if left untreated.

 Luckily, there are ways prevent that, the hard part can be finding out you have glaucoma. My advice is: get at least one annual eye exam, to check for high intraocular pressure and other problems.

 Today I had laser surgery in my left eye, the procedure was quick and painless.  I was a little worried at first, because if something had gone wrong, I would have needed an emergency surgery. All seems to be ok, but I have to wait a month to be sure.

if you have never had an eye exam, check out the link below and find an eye doctor, there is no need to lose your sight to the silent thief.

You can find help and information about glaucoma here: Glaucoma Research Foundation

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