5 Things I am really looking forward to in Stormblood

There are many new things coming to Final Fantasy XIV with Stormblood here are my top 5:

  1. Swimming and diving: I have been waiting for this for a long time and its finally coming!
  2. Inventory expansion: There are a lot of items in this game! This is really necessary, i am constantly out of inventory space, specially when crafting or gathering.
  3. Faster Mounts: what more is there to say? we get faster mounts! 😀
  4. No cast time for BRD and MCH: This may be a bit controversial, some people WANT bard to have a cast time, personally, I don’t think they should have added cast time to BRD in the first place, its an archer/bard not a mage! and machinist is similar to bard in all aspects, so they don’t need it either! (Yes! I am loving MCH as I level it up!)
  5. Removal and unification of some skills: We were actually running out of action bars, even if you play with mouse and keyboard, if they kept adding skills, I don’t know where we were going to keybind more stuff.. and if you use a gamepad it is even worse!

And.. I know I said 5 but there are so many new things coming… I am also excited about the class gauges, specially for the bard songs!

Thank you for reading, what are you most excited about? Please leave your comments below!

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