It is so easy to stalk someone these days, this happened to my brother, and it caused him so much stress..

I recommended him to go to the police, because the person just wouldn’t stop, even after months had passed, and he had blocked her new accounts she kept creating on social media to stalk him, but he didn’t want to because he felt bad about doing that.. even when it was someone he didn’t know that well anyway..

After enduring this for about a year, (just recently) he did call the police because she kept making threats.. .I don’t understand why people do this, maybe they don’t realize what they are doing?

It can be scary how easily someone can find your information online, with all these people search sites, that gather all public information and give it away (or sell it) to stalkers, if you have never done it before, I recommend that you google yourself to see what you find, in most of these sites, you can request to have your information removed by contacting them.

If you or someone you know is being cyberstalked and don’t know what to do, you can find resources to fight cyberstalking here

If this ever happened to me I don’t think I would have as much patience as he did, has this ever happened to you? what did you do? or what would you do if it ever did?

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